UI Innovation Awards

The United States Department of Labor, Office of Unemployment Insurance, presents the Unemployment Insurance Innovation Awards to honor states for significant innovations in three categories.


Integrity - State of New Jersey

Improved Worker and Employer Services - State of Minnesota

Reemployment - State of Texas



One winner will be chosen for each of the following three categories:

    A. Integrity - Innovations to improve program integrity by reducing improper UI benefit payments or denials, preventing the avoidance of unemployment tax liability and/or misclassification of workers, and improving the collection of overpayments and tax assessments.

    B. Improved Worker and Employer Services - Innovations to improve service delivery in the areas of benefit payments, claims processing, adjudication, and tax processing.

    C. Reemployment - Innovations to improve the employment outcomes of individuals receiving UI.

    Nominations must demonstrate outcomes achieved as a result of these innovations.


Any state Unemployment Insurance agency may be nominated for this award. States may nominate themselves or be nominated by another individual or entity.

Note: In any year, based on the quality of nominations, the selection team may select no recipient or may select multiple recipients.